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bachelor of science in health services administration

why pursue healthcare administration

  • flexible bachelor of science degree for those passionate about healthcare who prefer management to direct patient care.
  • readies students with a fundamental business background in management and leadership, strategic planning, accounting, law, and marketing.
  • gain education in practical and theoretical healthcare administration techniques in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, research in health sciences, healthcare information and technology, healthcare policy, and the healthcare system.
  • successful graduates may use well-rounded business and healthcare skills for positions in hospitals, government programs, surgical centers, or other healthcare facilities.

leading healthcare service program

prerequisites detail

for students to begin the health services administration component of the program, they must have completed an associate degree or 60 semester college credit hours from an accredited institution with a cumulative gpa of 2.5 or higher. additionally, each student is expected to present a course in english composition ii or its equivalent, six to eight, academic credit hours of math/statistics, and knowledge of computer applications.

healthcare organizations hottest jobs:

  • healthcare director of operations
  • hospital manager
  • lab director

health services administration might be the path for you if you are:

  • motivated
  • analytical
  • detail oriented
  • technically savvy
  • a good communicator

we’re standing by, so apply today!

associate in healthcare office administration

flexibility combined with business and medical expertise

  • offered in online format depending on the course.
  • attain skill readiness for entry-level positions in the healthcare industry with introductory courses in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, healthcare services, and healthcare information technology.
  • gain essential skills from our business curriculum for administration such as financial accounting, small business management, marketing, and supervisory management.

prepared for day one

healthcare administration hottest jobs:

  • medical office manager
  • office coordinator
  • practice coordinator

now enrolling as in healthcare office administration students, apply today!

justin perez, professional communications and healthcare admin

“i would tell all of you that everyone i have dealt with at hodges genuinely wants to see me (and you) succeed. when you are at the end of your rope, call your professor, call admissions, call the librarian, get some help, and keep going!”

get started on your #myhodgesstory today. 

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